Master en entraînement et nutrition sportive (Anglais/Espagnol)

9 mois
École universitaire Real Madrid – Universidad Europea

The Master’s Degree in Sports Training and Nutrition is designed to provide students with specialized knowledge of the most state of- the-art training methods, the latest trends in sports nutrition, and natural ergogenic aids for improving sports performance.

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Présentation de Master en entraînement et nutrition sportive (Anglais/Espagnol)

The program is based on an eminently practical work methodology.
In order to achieve an optimal assimilation of knowledge we combine teamwork, attendance at seminars, and individual work at the campus’s facilities which are equipped with cutting edge technology, including physiological laboratories with equipment for carrying out functional assessment tests and training tests, and a training lab equipped for strength measurement.

Everything that is learned is also reinforced by internships at some of the most important sports enterprises and clubs.
The aim of this course is for students to receive a comprehensive training which will prepare them for:
• Programming short, medium and long term training plans in various contexts.
• Handling devices for analyzing human movements and monitoring training.
• Preparing natural nutritional and supplemental diets, combined with timing intake.
• Carry out performance and body composition assessments.
• Carrying out scientific research and development.

• It is the only university master’s degree specialized in sports training and nutrition leading to an official qualification.
• The master prepares students for their doctorate.
• The teaching staff comprises some of the most prestigious professionals in the country in the field of sports training and nutrition.
• The program of professional practice sessions takes place in leading clubs and enterprises of the sector which demand the very best from the students.

Conditions d'admission

CV, Interview with the faculty


The career opportunities are linked to sports training and nutrition. The student will have the opportunity to develop professionally in any of the following fields of action:

Physical trainer in teams and or sports clubs.
Personal trainer.
Nutritionist Advisor
Sports and physical service companies.
Fitness / wellness chains.
Clubs and Federations.
Analysis of sports competition.
Their professional outings are specified in clubs or sports centers, sports anonymous societies, gyms, clinics or private or public institutes (integrated in Town Halls or Patronatos) where they offer the service of sports medicine and even as freelancers.

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