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At the School of Architecture at Universidad Europea we train architects so that they are equipped to meet the demands of both society and the job market, through the transversal inclusion into the curriculum of the principles and knowledge relating to sustainability and the environment in addition to accessibility, the international perspective, communication skills (in both Spanish and English), business management and the efficient use of new technologies.

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Présentation de Licence en Architecture

The Concurrent Bachelor's Degree + Master's Degree is a European degree that qualifies you to work professionally as an Architect throughout the European Union offering a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary training in all the fields that architecture encompasses: projects design, urban planning, sustainability, management, technical training, graphic training, communication skills, history-critique and professional practice.
This training offered is applied by following the European workshop, hands-on learning model in which the students develop projects that are supervised by professors with different profiles on a holistic basis, solving case studies that are not regional but in fact global.

Only here can you study subjects dedicated to cross-disciplinary projects and internships every year.

Learn with professionals: Over 50% of our faculty are active professionals, and many of them have received awards for their professional activity.

You can join over 10 clubs where you can develop products with classmates from different areas: Robotics Club, Air Division, UE Gamestudio, BIM Club, Digital Manufacturing, GraphicaLab, etc.

From day one you will have access to facilities equipped with the latest technology, such as a digital manufacturing workshop for architectural models and prototypes using cutting-edge software (FabLab), electronics, mechanical and robotics labs with tools such as MatLab, Ansys, Catia, Rhino, Solidworks, Istram, Sap, Finalcut, etc. > You can join a list of students from this school who have received awards for their projects, such as Archiprix. Students’ real projects are recognized by industry professionals. The Airbus ProtoSpace idea incubator backed a project by Alfonso Parra, an Aerospace Engineering student. After Alsonso completed his internship at Altran, Airbus took note of his project and asked him to join its team. The Graduation Project by Asen Lyubenov, an Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering student, took 2nd prize at the best Engineering GP competition of the Autonomous Community of Madrid. His project on improving vehicle ergonomics is based on a 3D steering wheel he designed and printed himself.


Conditions d'admission

Process of admission: Abilities Tests, Language Test, Interview


89% of our students find employment less than 12 months after completing their studies.

Among other achievements, this makes us the Spanish
university with the highest employability score in the “QS Stars”
international rating. We make available to you the Career and
Placement Office, a truly useful personalized
career guidance service: it has the highest
employment rate of all Spanish universities.
This department manages 3,500 cooperative
education partnerships.

You’ll be in contact with the professional world, we’ll
help you create a network of contacts and you
can take part in internship programs."

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