Bachelor's Degree in International Business

Bachelor's Degree in International Business

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Présentation de Bachelor's Degree in International Business

Schiller International University invites you to
learn about all our institution has to offer. For over 50 years, we have
firmly believed in experiential learning, an educational model that combines
knowledge and skills acquisitions with solid humanist values. A combined
learning process that guaranteed to all our students not only proficient
professional capacities but also an international mindset to build inclusive
and realistic scenarios that unify people, nations and cultures.

At SIU we are aware that our students will be part of a global, borderless
and hyper-connected world. Thus, our 4 International Campuses provide
undergraduate and graduate students with a high-quality variety of degrees
valid both in the USA and Europe. All our programs are instructed in English
and designed to be customized to each personal scenario. Addittionaly all are
students are encouraged to study abroad at any time during their education to
complete their professional expertise with truly life experiences that turn
them in truly holistic profiles.

WHY to study this Bachelor's Degree in International Business?

Become an international business executive. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to experience first-hand the global nature and cultural diversity of business today.

Rapid globalization of businesses results in companies expanding operations internationally to remain competitive. Successful modern companies constantly seek highly skilled executives competent in the implementation of management and organizational strategies to answer the complexities of business and to maintain an advantage at the international level. In addition to high-quality academics, Schiller International University offers its students the freedom to transfer to any of its campuses worldwide without penalty. This unique opportunity allows SIU international business students to interact with people from around the world and experience first-hand how different cultures affect global business.

WHAT am I going to learn?

Graduates of this Bachelor's Degree in International Business will be able to:
  • Learn to apply fundamental business practices for resolving international issues
  • Become able to assess market globalization factors and business strategies for competing in foreign markets
  • Become skilled in integrating culturally sensitive matters on a global scale
  • Acquire the ability to analyze emerging issues facing countries, organizations or businesses in international markets
  • Perform with cultural agility by living international experience in different countries and by being part of a 100% diverse communit
HOW am I Going to Learn?

You can modulate learning speed while discovering specific areas of interest. You can start your degree at any month during the course and choose between in-person and/or online classes. Designed to focus student attention and efforts, we structure our study plan with one course per month, capping our classes at a reduced number of students and providing them with holistic learning tools such as:
  • Interactive lessons
  • Expert faculty comprised of referred active professionals
  • Educational technology
  • International immersions
  • Professional challenges with real organizations
  • Top industry lecturers
  • Academic & career advising

With WHOM am I Going to Learn?

  • Classmates: An inclusive environment comprised of varied profiles from all over the world that will make you feel 100% integrated
  • Faculty: Referred active professional that share updated knowledge from all areas in an interactive and proactive way
  • Academic & Career Advisors: SIU faculty figures support students in reaching their personal career objectives from day one
  • Alumni: A network of more than 20,000 alumni ready to share and help students during their personal and professional development

WHERE will I Study?

This degree is offered at our Tampa, Madrid, Paris and Heidelberg International Campuses (in-person format) and also through our Online Campus (hybrid or full-online). Additionally, SIU allows students to transfer between campuses without loss of credits in order to complete their training with diverse multicultural life experiences that promotes not only remarkable professional capabilities but also strong humanistic values.

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Tuition Fees: 

  • European campuses fee: €15,400

  • USA campus fee: $24,000

  • Online fee: $17,700

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