Bachelor Genre, Sexualité, et Société

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Paris 07
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American University of Paris

Drawing from a variety of fields, you will develop an informed understanding of the concepts, theories, issues, and debates that surround gender and sexuality.

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Présentation de Bachelor Genre, Sexualité, et Société

Our aim is to provide you with a coherent and comparative study of
gender and sexuality within the social sciences and the humanities.
Drawing from psychology, feminism, literary theory, sociology, politics,
visual culture, and other fields of inquiry, you will develop an
informed understanding of the fundamental concepts, theories, issues,
and debates that surround gender and sexuality from a range
of interdisciplinary perspectives. This will lay the foundation for a
comparative investigation of interdisciplinary epistemologies and will
prepare you for more focused topical, theoretical, and region-specific
explorations within three fields of specialization.

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